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Production site

Production site 1: Yunshan Economic Development Zone, Yongxiu County, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, covering an area of 20,313 m², with two Class A workshops, one comprehensive building, one Class A, B, and C warehouses, and sewage treatment. 58 sets of 500 to 3000L reactors, 200,000-calorie freezer, supporting sewage system with a daily processing capacity of 50 tons, equipped with purified water and nitrogen facilities. Two 1350m² feeding production workshops, a 1350m² category-specific warehouse, a 600m² category A warehouse, a 400m² category C warehouse, and a three-story 3600m² R&D office building.

Production site 2: Located in Qinchuan Park, Lanzhou New District, Gansu Province, there are 32 reactors(500L~5000L), raw material warehouse, finished product warehouse, comprehensive testing and analysis center, with a production capacity of 80 tons per year. The company strictly follows the ISO9001 quality system management, and the product quality is first-class.


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