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About us

CHEMTOUR  is a leading professional company mainly engaging in technology and market related to amino acid derivative, organoboron chemistry and Fluoride compounds. 

Supply reliable product with reasonable price to global pharmaceutical companies.


Currently we cooperated with 2 R&D centers, 5 manufacturing sites, which have the capability from lab, pilot to commercial production. All our team members have rich experience in chemical and pharmaceutical industry. We can provide the most professional service to our customers.

Featured Product

Amino  Derivative: L-Amino acid, D-Amino aicd, Fmoc-AA, Boc-AA, CBZ-AA, Amino acid methyl/ethyl/benzyl ester...
Organoboron Chemistry: Alkenyl boronic acid/ester, Diboron acid/pinacol ester, Alphaticboronic acid/ester, Heterocyclicboronic acid/ester, Aromatic boronic acid/ester, Potassium trifluoroborate salt...
Fluoride compound: Pentafluoro benzene, Tetrafluoro benzene,Trifluoro benzene, Difluoro benzene, Monofluoro benzene, Trifluoromethoxy Benzene, Trifluoromethyl benzene...
You can search with  product name or CAS No. on our website. We are able to provide any of the items you have found.


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